Welcome! A few thoughts on a new direction.

Transit Matters is taking a bit of new direction, with more regular posts and focused on transit issues in Boston. We aim for the site to be your go-to source for local transportation news and analysis, and we'll spend time and effort advocating plans and policies that promote the use and growth of public transit, walking, cycling, skating and other sustainable modes.

We think what makes us different is our informed perspectives and a critical analysis normally absent from other media. We can and should move closer to a safe, sustainable region that remains vibrant and affordable.

The new Transit Matters Podcast is your commute companion, featuring news, in-depth analysis and interviews. Listen, learn and share as you travel around.

Learn more about who we are and how to contact us.

In short, transit matters. Hey, get it?  This project depends on your participation as we all learn and grow. Get involved in the discussion by commenting on posts, sharing articles around, helping to promote the site, and  reaching out to us with ideas for topics and guests. We want to hear from you because, well, it's no fun otherwise. Email feedback@transitmatters.info.