Podcast 11 - Transit Polling with Rich Parr of MassINC

MassINC Polling Research Director Rich Parr shares his recent work and perspectives on what people think about the transportation dilemma in Boston. After the MBTA collapsed, a follow-up poll showed a dramatic increase in perceived important of transit, and most people now recognize that the region suffers without good transit. Still nobody can agree on how to fix it, and myths such as wasteful spending and mismanagement continue to lower the discourse.

Selected fun facts:

  • The population of Boston has increased nearly 10 percent since 2000, with similar growth in Cambridge, Somerville and Quincy.
  • MBTA ridership is up nearly 30 percent on the Red and Orange Lines, and 10 percent on buses, since 2004 (the Green Line is at capacity). However, no trains or buses have been added during this time.

We think we know how to fix the T but we struggle with how to raise money. Listen in and share your thoughts and ideas >> contact us.

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