Media Statement - MBTA General Manager

BOSTON, December 14, 2018 — TransitMatters looks forward to working with Steve Poftak in his new role as General Manager of the MBTA. Steve’s service on the FMCB and as an interim GM should enable him to hit the ground running as he tackles the job of providing excellent transit services to thousands of people every day. The task before us is challenging to say the least: to restore a legacy system and strategically modernize and expand it to serve the needs of a growing 21st century economy, and to do so in a way that ensures no T riders are left behind. More resources are needed to accomplish this task – resources to fund the necessary recruitment, hiring, training, and talent retention that can oversee the rebuilding of our system. We have a long road to the type of system our Commonwealth deserves, and in the meantime we need the resources to make what we have serviceable. It will take time, and net new revenue on the operating side, and a commitment to think and act creatively. As transit advocates, enthusiasts and users, we pledge to continue to offer General Manager Poftak and his team with our best thinking, and our willingness to collaborate on initiatives that help identify and implement new business models, new ways of delivering service, and better ways to keep T riders informed and engaged.