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Podcast 08 - Boston 2024 Olympics Bid: Challenges & Opportunities

Boston has been selected by the US Olympic Committee as the country's contender for the 2024 Olympic games. What does this mean for the city and all of us?

We analyze the city's transit infrastructure needs, challenges and opportunities. We have many needs, not just during the olympics but now and long after, so let's think deeper about potential transit investment and plan smart. What projects and services should we prioritize? What might be accomplished in 9 years? More on the Boston 2024 Olympics proposed venues; the latest Boston 2024 submission and more on potential investments.

First, we welcome new Secretary of Transportation Stephanie Pollack, formerly Associate Director of the Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy,  and Boston Transportation Commissioner Gina Fiandaca, a long-time planner focused on parking. The car parking issue is timely with all the snow on the ground, as well as some local discussion about residential parking permits and how to manage car parking in the city. Former transportation secretary Rich Davey is now heading Boston 2024. Also, DMU cars for the Fairmount Line and others; commuter rail to New Hampshire; development over the highway next to Hynes station; high quality BRT prepares to launch in Hartford; former transportation secretary Jim Aloisi advocates for the long-delayed Red-Blue Connector and Blue Line extension to Lynn; and an update on the South Boston Waterfront plans.

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