rapid transit on the Fairmount Line 

The Fairmount Line runs through some of the most densely populated and socioeconomically disadvantaged areas in Boston. Recent improvements to the line have included additional stations, more frequent service and reduced fares. However, since plans for additional service using diesel multiple unit (DMU) trains were recently cancelled, the corridor remains an underutilized asset and its neighboring communities continue to rely on some of the slowest, most crowded and least reliable MBTA bus lines, such as routes 15, 22, 23 and 28. 

TransitMatters believes that frequent service -- at least every 15 minutes at all times -- on the Fairmount Line would improve the lives of many thousands of people who currently endure long trips on overcrowded bus and subway lines. Given its location and unmet ridership demand, the Fairmount Line should operate at the same hours and frequency as the city's rapid transit (subway) lines, with free transfers to all other trains and buses. Shifting riders from slow, crowded buses onto fast, frequent trains will also free up resources to improve service on those bus lines for people who are not going downtown.