North South Rail Link

TransitMatters supports the North South Rail Link as advocated by former Governors Michael Dukakis and Bill Weld and supported by over 150 state senators and representatives. This long-awaited connection would fill a critical gap in our regional transportation network and take many cars off our streets and highways, as well as reduce crowding on our subway system.

Commuter rail trains would continue through the center of downtown Boston, removing a frustrating one-mile gap for commuter rail users and creating a totally new option for city travel. The combined frequency of several commuter rail lines would offer rapid transit levels of service between South Station, a new Central Station and North Station. Passengers would be able to travel directly from north side lines to south side lines, in some cases without changing trains, but always without the half-hour delay of getting from North Station to South Station.

While the North South Rail Link would not be cheap, it would benefit millions of commuters and others who depend on Boston’s economy, eliminate the need for a costly expansion of South Station and allow increased service, which is currently not possible.