Equal access for users from all demographics is critical to the success of our transit system in Metro Boston. We are thrilled that the MBTA is moving forward with updating the fare collection system.

status: afc 2.0 oversight
Next Milestone: commuter rail zone reform

Smart & Equitable Fare Policy

  • Adopt fare policies that have proven successful elsewhere. These will shorten journey times and increase frequency of service.

  • The MBTA has already committed to replacing its fare system with one that draws from industry experience gathered in the 10 years since CharlieCard’s introduction. We support this move to a more open, flexible, and secure system and advocate that we begin ground work on all door boarding, a 2-hour unlimited transfer window, off-peak and reverse-peak fares, commuter rail zone restructuring, and daily fare caps.

fair fares Timeline

2017 - AFC 2.0 requirements are defined and the procurement process is completed

Nov. 20, 2017 - Fiscal & Management Control Board awards contract to advance AFC 2.0

Mar. 20, 2018 - MBTA finalizes contract to advance AFC 2.0

2018 - New system is designed, developed, and tested

Early 2019 - Installation begins in stations and on vehicles

Late 2019 - New system is rolled out to a limited number of users during pilots

May 2020 - New system is available to the general public, operating alongside the old system

May 2021 - Transition to the new system is complete, and the old system is retired

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