Podcast 01 - Green Line updates; Bridj luxury bus service

Transit Matters co-editor Marc Ebuna joins me for this special inaugural episode focusing on the Green Line. Following a recent public meeting with MBTA staff, Marc shares the latest Green Line initiatives including vehicle tracking (real-time train arrival info), signal priority, stop consolidation, three-car trains, accessibility and fare collection. Also, construction on the Green Line Extension to Somerville and Medford is moving full-steam ahead. 

We saved a few minutes to talk about Bridj, the new luxury shuttle bus service which fills gaps in our transportation network in a way that is (for most of us) not useful. We share our predictions on the future of this service, and we want to hear what you think. Will you use Bridj? 

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Share your thoughts on the Green Line and other transit topics we discussed in this episode in the comments below.