Our Mission

TransitMatters is dedicated to improving transit in and around Boston by offering new perspectives, uniting transit advocates, and informing the public. We utilize a high level of critical analysis to advocate for plans and policies that promote convenient, effective, and equitable transportation for everyone.

Our Vision

Making a sustainable, equitable, and reliable public transportation system accessible to everyone in Metropolitan Boston by advancing proven best practices as well as high-impact, low-cost initiatives.

Our Goals

Create awareness amongst the general public of transportation mechanics, economics, and opportunities

First and foremost, our goal is to advocate through a better, more critical understanding of transit issues within the Commonwealth. Breaking apart issues into their components enables us to look deeper into challenges and benefits in a way that is accessible to the general public.

Provide education and analysis to equip citizens and leaders to make the best transportation decisions and investments

We aim to build institutional knowledge on transit within the Commonwealth to make it easier to understand transit projects, policies, and issues. Making these issues accessible to the general public and easily referenced enables more informed discourse.

Enable and empower grassroots public demand for better transportation ideas and investment decisions

Our institutional knowledge is also important to advocacy. By building resources for advocacy, we make it easier to advocate for transit and encourage more informed discourse on the issues at hand.




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